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Aria the 14-week-old Pumi learning an agility tunnel

Mayalu’s Artemis aka Aria is now 14 weeks old and has started some early agility training. I like to have the puppies work on tunnels as their first obstacle before 16 weeks old in addition to trick training and some obedience basics. The A Litter had a tunnel in their play area sometimes from about the age of 6 weeks so Aria was somewhat familiar with the concept. It’s interesting to compare this video to a very similar one I did of her Mom Bella almost 6 years ago:

Pumi Puppies at Pike Place Market

Aria 14 weeks and Granger 9 months

From the left: Derartu with her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Granger (9 months old) and Dinke holding Aria the Pumi (14 weeks old).

Kreiger and Aria 14 weeks

From the left: Kreiger the Pumi (14 weeks old) with his littermate Aria.

Today we continued our tradition of bringing our puppies into Pike Place Market in Seattle’s downtown to experience the huge diversity of people, sounds, smells, and traffic concentrated in one small area. The puppies had a blast and talked to lots of people. They were fascinated by things on the ground like fishy smelling water and chewing gum (yuck) and the different textures of cobblestones and gratings in the roadway under their feet. The air was ringing with the clanging of boxes being unloading from delivery trucks and the quartet who often sing outside the original Starbucks store. They got to experience the very strange seagulls circling in the air above and the pigeons pecking at crackers thrown on the ground. The market was thronging with tourists and locals so they had to learn how to navigate through a sea of legs and when it was okay to greet strangers and when it was not. Tonight as you can imagine we had the bonus of 2 very tired Pumi pups!