Getting a Pumi Puppy

Pumis are still a relatively rare breed in the United States with a few litters born each year. Breeders often have waiting lists, so you could expect to wait a few months or more for a puppy. Generally finding the breeder that you think you can work with and understands what it takes to do the activities you want to do with your dog will result in the best fit for you. Also be prepared to visit with local Pumi owners or breeders to meet their dogs, preferably in a home or other familiar settings. Pumis can often seem different from their internet descriptions and the Pumi in show environment can be different at home.

The Pumi could be the right fit for you and your family if you have the following:

  • Experience training dogs for competition in agility, obedience, herding or other canine sports or activities
  • Experience owning or working with a herding breed
  • A fenced yard with ample room for your dog to run around and/or access to larger safe areas for exercise
  • A home environment where barking can be tolerated – generally that won’t be an apartment
  • An active lifestyle where you enjoy dog sports, hiking, and other activities where you can involve your dog
  • A flexible schedule where you can spend quite a bit of time with your dog – Pumis tend to do best when they don’t need to be away from their owners for long periods of time

The Pumi may not be the best fit for your family in the following circumstances:

  • First time dog owners – Pumis are highly trainable with experienced owners who have knowledge of consistent and positive training methods, but they may not be patient with owners who are learning the basics of training themselves
  • A hectic schedule that does not consistently permit time for exercising and training your dog
  • Circumstances that do not allow for extensive socialization, especially when Pumis are puppies and young adults. By nature Pumis are quite a reserved breed and very attuned to what’s going on in their environment. It’s important as young dogs that they get positive exposure to a wide range of people and environments so they can grow up as confident adults.

If you are interested in a Pumi puppy please fill out our puppy questionnaire.