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Rose City Tails

After 35,000 steps; 4 different dogs competing in 15 separate agility, obedience, or conformation events over 2 days; lots of meeting and greeting the public; and a 345 mile round trip in the Passat (at over 40 mpg) we returned from Portland last night. Saturday’s start in agility was a bit rocky for Bella but she had a great Novice Obedience performance with first place and a second place Master’s Jumper’s run. Teddy had his first try at International Standard Agility, where he took third place. At 9 months old Ben got his first turn in Beginner Novice Obedience, where he worked every exercise without any ring nerves (video to follow soon I hope). Knixa worked well for me and her handler in the breed ring and also did a great job on her Excellent Jumper’s course on Sunday. For Bella our best results came on Sunday with 3rd place in Standard Agility, 2nd in Jumpers, and 2nd in International Jumpers, where we had our best and most connected run of the weekend.

To give you an idea of the field this year, 16″ or medium jump height had the largest Masters/Excellent entry. In a welcome move AKC has opened up International courses to all jump heights, not just international small, medium, and large heights and consequently the entry for that event was double last years. Also, I heard from one of the AKC reps that overall agility is now approaching the biggest entry at of all competitions at Rose City.

Jim and or I have been coming to Rose City nearly every year for the last 10 years. We’ve always enjoyed the atmosphere with the crowds, vendors, and lots of friends to connect with. It’s been hard to resist the allure of being able to do all the types of competitions under one roof! We’ve treated it like a mini-regional event but always crammed everything into 2 days. It feels this year like the event is maturing into a real “regional” for agility. Maybe next year with more Pumis ready for competition I’ll try to make it a 3 or 4 day event where we have more time to focus on just agility … okay and maybe obedience too 🙂

A couple of our participants at Rose City this year.

A couple of our participants at Rose City this year.

Derartu and Alex Win Novice Junior Class



Derartu and Alex took first place in the Novice Junior Class today at Olympic Kennel Club in Enumclaw. The bonus is that Derartu’s prize winnings will be enough to get her a couple of nice back-to-school outfits!

In case you thought it was all about the Pumis, here comes the Cavalier!

Minnie’s son Teddy is now 13 months old. We’ve been working on our agility obstacles and jumping and now a little bit of handling in preparation I hope for competition at the end of the summer. Here’s a couple of videos of “T” in action.

In the first video he’s showing his jumping skills, running dogwalk, and progress on 2 x 2 weaves.


In the second video there’s a nice recall, more jumps and tunnels, and a reminder that he’s still a puppy 🙂 I know you can get a Cavalier to chase a ball but who ever said that they would bring it back …

Puyallup Show Report June 2013

Knixa Puyallup Ribbons June 2013

Knixa Puyallup Ribbons June 2013

I was very proud of Knixa today. After waiting patiently in her crate most of the morning she came out and nailed her obedience exercises to get a second place in Beginner Novice. The only thing I could fault her on was a crooked sit after the recall. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see her score as I had to go right over to conformation. She maintained her focus in the breed ring to get Best of Breed and Best in Miscellaneous.

We had 5 Pumis in the breed ring today handled by me, Jim, and Derartu. Bella was kind of annoyed that I wasn’t handling her today and the puppies being puppies in their first show were a little wild in the ring, with the exception of Ewok (aka Mr Green) who behaved well and showed up his family by going Best of Opposite Sex to Knixa.

Alex worked well with Derartu in Juniors taking a 4th place. He’s not quite ready for his off-leash adventures in Rally Obedience so they are continuing to work on that before competing in Rally again.

She Did It!

Derartu and Alex achieve their Rally Novice title at Mt Baker Kennel Club obedience trial on May 18, 2013.

Derartu and Alex achieve their Rally Novice title at Mt Baker Kennel Club obedience trial on May 18, 2013.

With some really pretty teamwork and as Derartu says “My first time ever with no points off for a tight leash,” she and Alex achieved their Rally Novice title last weekend. Congratulations, Mom and Dad are proud. Keep up the good work!


Mayalu Cavalier Birthdays All Around

Tonight we celebrated the first birthday for Dollie Mama, Sasha, Alex, and Teddy, born 5/4/2012, and fifth birthday for Fiona, Minnie, Granger and Diana (in CA) and Tilt (in MI), born 5/5/2008. The Cavaliers romped in the backyard chasing their small chuck-it ball and frisbee and seeing how many Cavaliers could be on an AFrame at one time.

After the human had their snack the pups enjoyed their peanut butter and banana birthday cake!

Mayalu Cavalier Birthday Party 2013

At the Mayalu Cavalier Birthday Party from left to right, grandma Beth with Dinke, Alex with Derartu, Teddy and Minnie with Jim, Granger and Fiona with George, Dollie Mama with Travis, and Sasha with Sue.

Yes You Can!

Alex and Derartu Rally Leg #2 at Peninsula Dog Fanciers in Bremerton, WA

Alex and Derartu Rally Leg #2 at Peninsula Dog Fanciers in Bremerton, WA

As we prepare for our show this weekend, after a couple of months break, I’m posting this picture to remind Derartu that yes she can get that final rally novice leg. Go Alex and Derartu!

Another MACH!

MACH Mayalu's Fiona

MACH Mayalu’s Fiona

We’re very pleased to announce that Mayalu’s Fiona achieved her Master Agility Championship this past weekend at the Portuguese Water Dog trial in Monroe Washington. Hot on the heels of her sister Minnie, this is the second MACH from the Beth x Denzil litter. Congratulations on a job well done to Fiona and her owner and handler Sue Welsh!

So Proud – Our First Bred-By MACH!

Minnie achieves her Master Agility Champion title at the Evergreen State Shetland Sheepdog trial on March 2nd, 2013. She is 4 years old.

Minnie achieves her Master Agility Champion title at the Evergreen State Shetland Sheepdog trial on March 2nd, 2013. She is 4 years old.

Five years ago we did the first Master Agility Champion to Master Agility Champion breeding for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels with the dream that we would have have happy, healthy companions that would enjoy the sport of agility. This weekend was the realization of that dream when we brought home our first Master Agility Champion title with Karen’s dog Minnie. Another one of the littermates, Fiona, is only 1 double Q away from her MACH too so we are cheering her along too. The next generation, Minnie’s son’s Teddy and Alex, are just starting their agility training so we eager to see them in action soon.

Pumi Puppies at Pike Place Market

Aria 14 weeks and Granger 9 months

From the left: Derartu with her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Granger (9 months old) and Dinke holding Aria the Pumi (14 weeks old).

Kreiger and Aria 14 weeks

From the left: Kreiger the Pumi (14 weeks old) with his littermate Aria.

Today we continued our tradition of bringing our puppies into Pike Place Market in Seattle’s downtown to experience the huge diversity of people, sounds, smells, and traffic concentrated in one small area. The puppies had a blast and talked to lots of people. They were fascinated by things on the ground like fishy smelling water and chewing gum (yuck) and the different textures of cobblestones and gratings in the roadway under their feet. The air was ringing with the clanging of boxes being unloading from delivery trucks and the quartet who often sing outside the original Starbucks store. They got to experience the very strange seagulls circling in the air above and the pigeons pecking at crackers thrown on the ground. The market was thronging with tourists and locals so they had to learn how to navigate through a sea of legs and when it was okay to greet strangers and when it was not. Tonight as you can imagine we had the bonus of 2 very tired Pumi pups!