We rode the wave of Pumifest 2014

Pumifest 2014 Juniors Class

Pumifest 2014 Juniors Class

As Pumifest co-chair my goal this year was to maximize participation. With everything from freestyle to agility seminars, our first ever obedience and rally trials, conformation, grooming instruction, nosework, 2 dinners, the auction, and of course herding, I think we succeeded! After working on details for many months the most gratifying thing was to see the smiles on people’s faces when they won their first ever ribbon for qualifying in Rally or Herding or for them to negotiate the challenges on an agility course and realize just how far they have progressed in their training. The highlights for me were to work with the crop of talented new agility dogs and their handlers who will be the future AKC National finalists and Invitational winners and to see the expertise of our high in trial Pumi work at the Utility level in obedience.

This weekend I had a couple of personal bests in competition – Bella with her first ever score of 100 in Rally Excellent and then I took first place in all 3 Rally classes. In addition to Bella in Excellent, young Ben (who turned 1 last week) won Advanced, and then the biggest surprise of all Aria won Novice B. I can tell you that must have taken a lot of self control on her part 🙂

On the family side, I’m very proud of the kids for working hard in the juniors competition with Ben and Knixa and showing the dogs so well. Apparently Jim was so busy helping the girls in conformation that he almost forgot to get Krieger out. Once he settled down they came in as Reserve. Knixa also worked really well for me coming in Reserve Bitch.

Now that all the ribbons and tiles have been collected, the agility and obedience equipment stowed away, and goodbyes said to friends from far away it’s time to take a deep breath. I feel thankful for all the incredibly hard work from co-chair Tammy Hall, who made sure everyone and everything was where they needed to be, and our club president Chris Levy as well as all the other volunteers who contributed in large and small ways.

2 thoughts on “We rode the wave of Pumifest 2014

    • Thanks! No not much noticeable fako in Ben. Both the fawn color and the black mask have faded. When you look closely his base color it’s almost white, like some other fako dogs I’ve seen. His nails are light though the same color as my ruby Cavaliers. My gray Pumis all have black nails.

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