MayaLu Training

MayaLu Training specializes in preparing dogs for performance activities, especially dog agility, as well as activities in everyday life. We typically work with clients 1:1 to create personalized training plans tailored to client goals and sometimes offer group lessons. As well as working with clients and their dogs in a teaching setting we provide feedback on videos and trial performances.

Our training philosophy is founded on several principles:

  1. Every dog and handler team is different. This seems self-evident, but often training techniques are offered as one-size-fits-all. Having ourselves trained a variety of breeds and sizes of dogs we know that what works well for one dog and handler may not work well for another. Therefore we’re versed in a variety of training techniques and handling systems to help clients find the best methods for their team.
  2. Take joy in practicing. Working with an instructor and classmates can be invaluable but so much of the great performances we see on course are possible through consistent practice where the handler and dog have fun and look forward to each session. We work with clients to set up the right training plan to keep them moving forward towards their goals.
  3. It’s how you play the game that counts. We believe that focusing first on building a positive and enthusiastic working relationship with your dog is the most important thing. With the right goals, training plan, and practice titles, ribbons, and accolades can follow. But most importantly the team has to enjoy working together to reach their full potential.

Our Instructors

Karen Beattie Massey

Karen has been a regular in the Pacific Northwest Agility scene over the last decade. She has also earned Obedience and Rally titles with her Cavaliers and Pumis, and shows in Conformation. Her first agility dog, Maya, was top agility Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in 2005 and 2006, culminating in a 3rd overall placement in the AKC Invitational 12” class in 2007 and a trip to the finals. Maya was featured several times in local and regional press and television and over her short lifetime achieved 7 MACH titles and a PACH.

Maya AKC Invitational Press

Karen’s next agility dog Beth, also a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was ranked in the top 5 for her breed in 2007. Zoe, her Australian Shepherd, achieved success at the regional level in USDAA.


Karen’s current agility dogs are Minnie, daughter of Beth, and the first MACH dog bred in the MayaLu kennel; Teddy, Minnie’s son who debuted in his first agility competition in the summer of 2013; and Bella, her Hungarian Pumi .

Minnie MACH

Bella was a bronze medalist in the America and Caribbean agility championships in 2012 and won her spot onto the U.S. international agility team for the European Open in 2013.

Bella EO Lapanja Std

Prior to working in the software industry for many years Karen was a psychologist specializing in staff training and development.

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