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B Litter Boys Days 5 & 6

As the boys grow stronger and more mobile it’s fun to compare the stats between them and the A litter. Mr Navy and Ned were born a little smaller and remain a little smaller than any of the puppies in A litter. Time will tell, but perhaps they’ll be close to the size of Uncle Beezum in MI. The biggest puppy took only 5 days to reach 1 pound vs. 6 days in the last litter, but overall the puppies are on a very similar track. Bella is also recovering well, dreaming of Frisbee, agility, and hiking again.

Bella and Her Boys Day 3

B Boys Day 3


On Day 3 the boys seem to be enjoying life on the outside. A couple have traversed to the far edges of the puppy pen and back, while others are becoming a little walrus-like (witness Mr White on the far left). For now they just eat and sleep and eat and sleep in cycles as they should.

Puppy Paw


This is a close up of the color of the hair on the bottom of the puppies’ feet. If our current theory holds true this should be about the color of their adult coat. Only time will tell …

MayaLu Pumi B Litter is Here!

Bella and her B Litter Boys

Bella and her B Litter Boys

They have arrived almost right on schedule. Bella gave birth to 6 lively boys this morning between 10.25 and 12.05. They ranged in weight from 7.3 oz to 10.3 oz. Mom and boys are now happily resting.