Basic First Aid and Over the Counter Medications

First of all we recommend getting a reputable dog health book that will let you look up a variety of issues if needed. One we have used for years is Dog Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook: One of the more helpful web sites I’ve found is Of course neither of these substitute for advice from a trained veterinarian when needed.

If your dog occasionally gets an upset stomach, i.e., mild diarrhea, then it’s helpful to have a gentle Kaolin and Pectin solution on hand, such as Pet Pectillin: Canned pumpkin and slippery elm is also recommended. Catching the problem early can prevent discomfort and dehydration but chronic cases require veterinary advice. Human medications are not advised for this purpose.

In general human pharmaceuticals should only be administered to your Pumi under veterinary supervision, because some such as acetaminophen can be very toxic.

If your Pumi gets a small superficial graze, cut, or hot spot/ mild dermatitis there are a number of topical medications that can help.

If your Pumi has eye irritation and you suspect that dust, grass, or some other foreign object is the cause it is helpful to have a bottle of Opticlear Veterinary Eyewash on hand. This can be purchased from most major pet stores.