Puyallup Show Report June 2013

Knixa Puyallup Ribbons June 2013

Knixa Puyallup Ribbons June 2013

I was very proud of Knixa today. After waiting patiently in her crate most of the morning she came out and nailed her obedience exercises to get a second place in Beginner Novice. The only thing I could fault her on was a crooked sit after the recall. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see her score as I had to go right over to conformation. She maintained her focus in the breed ring to get Best of Breed and Best in Miscellaneous.

We had 5 Pumis in the breed ring today handled by me, Jim, and Derartu. Bella was kind of annoyed that I wasn’t handling her today and the puppies being puppies in their first show were a little wild in the ring, with the exception of Ewok (aka Mr Green) who behaved well and showed up his family by going Best of Opposite Sex to Knixa.

Alex worked well with Derartu in Juniors taking a 4th place. He’s not quite ready for his off-leash adventures in Rally Obedience so they are continuing to work on that before competing in Rally again.

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