Obedience on a Saturday – 7Qs, 3 Titles

On the weekend we had the rare opportunity to do 2 obedience trials in the same day at Peninsula Dog Fanciers. Needless to say I took advantage of the chance to compete multiple times with each dog rather than driving back and forwards 1.5 hr again the next day. The day started well with a qualifying score for Bella in Novice Obedience and her Novice title. Next she got to try Excellent Rally for the first time. We struggled a little with one of the stations and I stepped over the line in the send to the jump so we just managed to squeak in with a qualifying score. Knixa was up next and managed a 93 in her Advanced Rally course. Ben followed next with his qualifying score in Novice rally despite finding the floor had some interesting smells in certain spots. In the afternoon show Knixa did her long sit and down perfectly for the first time in a while in Novice Obedience. However she got disconnected during off-leash heeling so we didn’t get enough points on that exercise to qualify. Then Bella went into her 2nd Excellent Rally exercise. Despite having 4 stations that required stands and despite it is still a skill we are working on we managed to qualify again. Knixa then followed with her Advanced Class. This time she got a 96 and her Advanced title so I guess she’s ready for excellent. Last to compete was Ben in Novice Rally with a final score of 95 to finish his title. In between courses I had a fun time catching up with friends old and new. This is a show I hope to return to next year.

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