Happy 2nd Birthday Mayalu Pumi A Litter

It’s hard to believe 2 years have gone by already for Ewok, Kia, Aria, Dakota, and Krieger born in 11/11/12! We’re proud of all they’ve accomplished so far and look forward to much more fun to come. Here’s a quick tribute to each of them (listed in birth order).


Mr Green is our herding master of the litter, earning his Instinct Tested Certificate at Pumifest. His main gig is agility though and he has earned his AKC Novice Fast title so far, and at least a couple of Novice Jumpers and Novice Standard legs.


Ewok in weaves

This is while he is not moonlightling as a male model.

Ewok on bed


Miss Red is also active in agility, with some speedy performances in UKI. Here she is in her other role as model house dog.

Kia 2014


Miss White is our resident mooch. Watch out folks, that those pockets don’t get eaten in her quest for those last cookie crumbs. And she’s just as keen on her toys.

Aria artichoke

Apart from her shocking first place in Rally Novice at Pumifest, Aria has concentrated mostly on agility racking up some Steeplechase and Masters Challenge Q’s in USDAA and picking up her Open Jumpers title in AKC.

Aria Snoking


Miss Pink is enjoying family life on the East Coast. Her siblings hope they get to visit again one day.

Dakota and kids


Mr Navy is our Masters Challenge master extraordinaire, winning a recent biathalon and a couple of other Qs along the way in USDAA.

Krieger USDAA King

He also has his Open Jumpers title. One of these days Mom will steal him away to compete in the breed ring where he already has earned a Best of Breed and some points.



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