Green puppy Evaluation

Physical Description
Green is the smaller and more fine boned of the 2 males. He stacked well on the table and showed nice angulation in both the rear and front with straight hocks and elbows. He has a level topline and well positioned shoulders. He has a well shaped head, expressive eyes, and a scissors bite. Green’s tail set is okay but perhaps a little tight when he is excited. His ear set is okay but at this point heavier than the ideal and he will need to have ear hair trimmed as puppy to encourage more lift. Both testicles are present and appear to be descended.

Green stacked

Green is high in sociability with both people and other dogs in the house. He likes to snuggle with people and presents a friendly and respectful demeanor to older dogs. He is one of the first to leap into new activities and displays no fear. He is in the middle of the pack in terms of toy drive and assertive play with the other puppies.

Green head view

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