Red Puppy Evaluation

Physical Description
Red is the smallest female. She has good angulation in the front and rear with straight hocks and elbows and a good top line. Red has a shorter head but a shape close to ideal. She has a scissors bite. Red has one of the nicest tail sets and a good ear set. She also has the most crinkly coat right now, which we think may turn into one of the best coats as an adult. Overall she shows some real promise for conformation.

Red Stacked

Red is moderate to high in sociability with both people and other dogs in the house. She likes to explore her environment independently and presents a friendly and respectful demeanor to older dogs. She is one of the later puppies to leap into new activities but is still one of the most confident with new things. She is towards the top of the pack in terms of toy drive and in the middle of the pack with assertive play with the other puppies.

Red head view


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