White Puppy Evaluation

Physical Description
White is second smallest female. She is a little straighter in the shoulders than other pups but has a good upper arm length so has a good top line. She has the best rear angulation of  the girls and has straight hocks and elbows. Out of the litter White has the head shape closest to ideal. She has a scissors bite. She has a looser tail carriage. Her ear set correctly positioned but at this point the ears are hanging heavier than the ideal and he will need to have ear hair trimmed as puppy to encourage more lift.

White stacked

White is the most social of the litter with people and definitely prefers interacting with people than the older dogs. She loves to snuggle with all the family members and visitors. She is one of the later puppies to leap into new activities and will approach some new things cautiously. She is very high in toy drive and assertive play with the other puppies in the litter. With her preference for people over other dogs outside the immediate pack and high toy drive she is the most like her mother.

White head view

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