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Minnie’s son Teddy is now 13 months old. We’ve been working on our agility obstacles and jumping and now a little bit of handling in preparation I hope for competition at the end of the summer. Here’s a couple of videos of “T” in action.

In the first video he’s showing his jumping skills, running dogwalk, and progress on 2 x 2 weaves.


In the second video there’s a nice recall, more jumps and tunnels, and a reminder that he’s still a puppy πŸ™‚ I know you can get a Cavalier to chase a ball but who ever said that they would bring it back …

Comments on: "In case you thought it was all about the Pumis, here comes the Cavalier!" (1)

  1. Sue Welsh said:

    Teddy is doing great. I’m working Sasha on 2 x 2’s. She is about the same level.

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