Pink Puppy Evaluation

Physical Description
Pink is the slightly larger and heavier boned of the females. She has a strong rear but less angulation than either of the males and the left hock is slightly turned out at times. Her forearm is also a bit longer than the males. Overall Pink is a bit longer in the body than the other pups. She has a level topline. Pink has a rounder than ideal head and ears set a little lower and to the side than the ideal. She has level bite.


Pink is medium in sociability with people and high in sociability with other dogs in the house and is the boldest of the females. She seeks out the older dogs to play with and likes to play toys with people. Pink is one of the first along with Navy and Green to leap into new activities and shows little fear. She plays hard and then is usually the first to fall asleep.  She is more independent and less people focused than some others in the litter, particularly Green and White. She is towards the top of the pack in terms of toy drive and assertive play with the other puppies.


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